HER OFC6 single oil filter crusher

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HER OFC1 Singles OIL Filter Crusher
Weight: 265 lbs

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The economical crusher for single car and light truck filters, powered by a 3-ton air cylinder. Equipped with a stand that accommodates a 55 gallon drum.

<ul><li>Filter type - Car/Light Truck</li><li>Crushing strength (tons) - 3.75</li><li>Crushing mechanism - Air Cylinder</li><li>Percent oil extracted - 95 - 98</li><li>Capacity - 1 filter</li><li>Cycle Time (sec) - 15</li><li>Timer - Yes</li><li>Air input (psi) - 120</li><li>Height - 71" (with stand)</li><li>Width - 23"</li><li>Depth - 12"</li><li>Weight - 265 lbs.</li></ul>