HER K900 Vehicle Lift

Regular price $10,075.00
HER K900 Vehicle Lift
Weight: 899 lbs

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The K900 Vehicle Lift is idel for many applications including body repair, vehicle inspection & estimation, tire change & rotation, and brake work.

<ul><li>Internal Automatic Safety Arm - To work safely at numerous heights</li><li>Pop-off Safety valve - To prevent over inflation of the Air Bag</li><li>Rubber Blocks - For 3.9" x 5" x 1.5" blocks and four 3.9" x 8" x 1.5" blocks indluded</li><li>Warranty - 5 year limited warranty on the Herkules Air Bag</li><li>Pure Vertical Lift - Vehciles are raised straight up and lowered straight down</li><li>A hand controller including 12 feet of air hose is standard with the K900 lift</li></ul>

<ul><li>Air input (psi): 60 - 120</li><li>Capacity (lbs,): 6000</li><li>Platform size (in): 38 x 50</li><li>Lowered height (in): 3.6</li><li>Travel (in): 25.4</li><li>Raised height (in): 29</li><li>Controller: Hand operated</li><li>Stationary / portable:Stationary</li><li>Load: Vehicle frame / rocker</li></ul>