HER HCR2 Can Crusher

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HER HCR2 Can Crusher
Weight: 295 lbs

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Mount the HCR2 to any bench, the Herkules HCR2 Can Crusher crushes up to 4 one gallon cans or 7 one quart cans, or a single five gallon can - each cycle.

<ul><li>Locked Chamber - YES</li><li>Filter / Regulator - YES</li></ul>

<ul><li>Crushing cycle time: 20 Seconds</li><li>Crushing strength: 3.75 tons</li><li>Crushing mechanism: Air cylinder</li><li>Air input: 90 - 120 psi</li><li>Weight: 295 lbs.</li><li>External size: 16.5"W x 43.25"H x 19"D</li><li>Crushing Chamber Dimensions (inside) 14"W x 17.5"H x 14"D</li></ul>