HER G45 Herkules G45 "FastTrack" Paint Gun Washer

Regular price $909.00
HER G45 "FastTrack" Paint Gun Washer
Weight: 20 lbs

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Paint Gun Washer for Waterborne or Solvent Paints. Load with Sparkle Clean BLAST for a quick spray gun cleaning anywhere in your shop.

<ul><li>Cleans both wateborne or solvent paint off of guns</li><li>Cost effective - The FastTrack is very inexpensive </li><li>Virtually no maintenance since there is no pump</li><li>Compat - only 10 inches wide</li><li>Can be mounted anywhere in the shop - even prep stations or spray booths</li><li>Economical - reduces solvent use and saves time</li><li>Allows for extremely fast color changes</li><li>Works great with disposable cup systems</li><li>Can eaily fit into a mobile work station</li><li>1 gallon container included to catch waste</li><li>Made in the USA</li></ul>