HER AFC2 Aerosol Can Crusher

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Aerosol Can Crusher
Weight: 570 lbs

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Operating with a locked and sealed chamber, the AFC2 punctures, crushes, evacuates, and drains 2 aerosol cans in a 25 - 60 second cycle. 95% to 98% of residual liquid is removed from cans. Cans can then be drained, rinsed, dried and dispossed inexpensively.

<ul><li>Equipped with fume extractor</li><li>Equipped with outlet valve ofr draining liquid</li><li>Equipped with dual door/latch interlock system for operator safety</li></ul>

<ul><li>Crushing strength (tons) - 15</li><li>Crushing mechanism - Air Bag</li><li>Capacity - 2 Aerosol Cans</li><li>Cycle time (secs) - 25 - 60</li><li>Air Imput (psi) 100-120</li><li>Weight (lbs) - 550</li><li>Chamber Dimensions (ins) - 9w x 8 7/8h x 9d</li><li>Overall Dimensions (ins) - 27 1/2w x 55h x 27 1/2d</li></ul>