GTS RH-84831 Insulated Rescue Hook

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GTS RH-84831 Insulated Rescue Hook
Weight: 15 lbs

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Insulated Rescue Hook for Electric Vehicle repairs, compact 4' 6" long and rated at 85,000 volts and calibrated to meet ASTM-F711 specifications. Manufactured with a 1-1/4" fiberglass handle with a 18" coated and heat treated netal hook, 4 1/2' long.

Package includes 18" sign and 2 mounting brackets.

Tool is designed to remove an injured worker from a dangerous work area or situation

<p><strong>NOTE: This prodcut is a life saving device and must be used for safety and rescue only.</strong></p><p><strong>Rescue hook requires inspection and re-certification every 2 years as per OSHA regulations.</strong></p><p><strong><br /></strong></p>

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