GTS EZR-5600 EZ Roller Spinner 5&6 Lug Pattern

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GTS EZR-5600 EZ Roller Spinner 5&6 Lug Pattern
Weight: 19 lbs

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The #5600 EZ Roller Spinner, a universal vehicle mobility wheel, features an easy "install and go" 5&^ universal lug pattern and includes a stationery and spinner wheel option.

The spinner option gives you the ability to push or pull AWD, FWD or RWD vehicles that have no power or are stuck in park into a service bay.

5/6 lug universal, lightweight, thermoplastic roller wheel
2 in 1 Roller wheel transforms into a spinner and stationary Wheel by removing the bolts holding the center
Super strong spinner ring allows for spinner functionality
Installation uses OEM bolts and nuts, no need to stock special parts

At 19 lbs it is easy to pick up and move
Built in spacer, clears all brake calipers
Wheel diameter is 22" x 2.5" x 4.84"
2200 lbs. load rating per wheel

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