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Weldview Curtains
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These Weldview Curtains make a very stable one piece barrier to protect against arc welding, grinding sparks or flame cutting. They are easy to set up and arrange in different shapes to meet work demands.

<ul><li>14-mil Thick Colored PVC</li><li>Blocks 100% UV Light</li><li>Darker Weldview Passes Less Visible Light</li><li>Grommet and Button-Head Screw Mount</li><li>Finished Hems</li><li>Passis CPAI-84 &amp; California Fire Retardancy Tests</li><li>Weld Spatter Resistant</li><li>OSHA Approved</li><li>Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray, Green</li></ul>

<ul><li>14-mil Thick</li><li>Blocks 100% UV Light</li><li>Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Gray, Green</li><li>Many sizes available or custom to your specification</li></ul>

Goff Curtain Walls