GOF FM10HT Floor Mount Aluminum Repair Bay


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GOF FM10HT Floor Mount Aluminum Repair Bay
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  • Aluminum Repair Bay provides a separate work area within your shop to satisfy the requirements of aluminum vehicle manufactures.
  • Clear "Tent Style" Curtain Top allows for use of Existing Light
  • Easy Installation
  • Eliminate Costly Repair Reworks
  • No Complicated or Expensive Roof Framework required
  • Easy Vehicle Entrance & Exit

<ul><li>Clear "Tent Style" curtain top attaches to your existing building truss or shop ceiling via "Sinle Point" drop-down connection</li><li>20 mil double polished clear top allows for existing light to be used</li><li>4 sided / 2 curtain Goff Curtain Wall station with full hook &amp; loop closures and floor sweeps for maximum contaminant separation</li><li>Full "Drive through" configuration makes vehicle entrance &amp; exiting easy</li><li>(4) 90 degree curves with channel track configuration gives excellent curtain storage flexibility</li><li>All materials meet NFPA-701 fire resistance tests &amp; are certified for collision repair use</li></ul>

<ul><li>Units only available 12' Wide x 24" Long as Tent Top is that size</li><li>2 - Curtains are furnished that are actually 36' long by 10' high that meet in the center of the ends to form drive-thru</li><li>Unit comes with "Tent-Style" Curtain Top - that fits over perimeter of track and requires 4" of height above rail system</li><li>Floor Mount unit comes with 6 support columns that match the 10' height specified for curtain height - 1 for each corner and 1 for each side</li><li>The bottom edge of curtain contains a fully enclosed chain weighted lower hem and floor sweep for maximum contaminant separation</li></ul>

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