GOF 10109 Goff's Curtain Wall Cleaner

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GOF 10109 Goff's Curtain Wall Cleaner
Weight: 10 lbs

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Goff's Curtain Wall Cleaner is a non-chemical-based cleaner that works wonders on all types of vinyl's. It is safe for all vinyl curtain walls and PVC products. It will not harm or yellow clear window sections and works great as an all-purpose cleaner too!

Sold in 1 Gallon Bottles

Curtain Cleaning
For best result: Use in Concentrated form.
Apply to dry curtain
Allow to dwell 5 - 10 minutes
Scrub lightly with non-abrasive brush or pad
Rinse with warm or cold water
Repeat if necessary
All Purpose Cleaner
Cleaning solution may be diluted from 1:1 up to 6:1, depending upon type and amount of soils, surface to be cleaned and type of application. Allow the solution to loosen the soils, brush in and rinse with water.
Use with Caution
Concentrate may cause skin/eye irritation. Follow proper safety practices: Refer to MSDS.
Container Disposal
Triple rinse with cold water, then dispose of via State and Local regulations.

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