GOF 10109/119 Curtain Cleaner & Shield All

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GOF 10109/119 Curtain Cleaner & Shield All
Weight: 16 lbs

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Package of 2 Gallons 10109 Curtain Cleaner and 2 Gallons 10119 Shield All

Curtain Cleaner is a non-chemical-based cleaner that works wonders on all types of vinyl's. It is safe for all vinyl curtain walls and PVC products. It will not harm or yellow clear window sections and works great as an all-purpose cleaner too!

Shield All is an entirely water-based liquid that forms a protective barrier between your curtain or Spraybooth and dirt or overspray.

Shield All is much better than standard "booth Coatings" for use on curtains -
Dries Transparent
Driues "Tack-free"
When dry - remains flexible
Easily washes off with water
Can be applied through standard HVLP or traditional sprayguns
One gallon covers approximately 400 square feet
Can be used as booth coating

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