Eurovac 70-450061 "Boxair" Portable System with fume arm

SKU: EUR 70-450061
Regular price $4,502.00
BoxAir Portable Weld Fume Exhaust System
Weight: 125 lbs

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Eurovac's mobile BoxAir filter unit is designed to capture, filter and exhaust air impurities created during welding, metal processing or workshop activities.

The standard unit is equipped with two stage filtration system:
1. Stainless Prefilter Filter which captures up to 95% of sparks and steel chips
2. Pleated Polyester main filter which captures 99% of all particles which are grater than .5 microns in size.
Portable unit also includes the following:
6" x 7' fume arm. The extraction arm has an external supports, and 14" round steel suction hood. Unit pivots 350 degrees and includes handle all around the hood.
1.0 HP fan set for 110 volt single phase operation with thermal overload switch and reset, 15' power cable and on/off toggle switch.

The unit is made of powder coated steel body with an aluminum impeller fan. Four heavy duty casters position the unit in the workspace. Air Impurities are captured with a 6 inch diameter self-supporting arm.