EUR SYS-50-183003PKG Wet Scrubber NFPA Compliant PKG

SKU: EUR SYS-50-183003PKG
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EUR SYS-50-18300300 Wet Scrubber Portable (NFPA Compliant)
Weight: 245 lbs

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This is the same unit as the SYS-50-18300300 with the optional Tool & Paper Package SYS-050-SPS81000 - Includes:

Dedicated Aluminium Dustless Sanding Tool/Paper Package: 6" Aluminum MUde Hog & Aluminum Sandpaper Starter Package

Automatic low water system shut down; high pressure system shut down
A run delay switch prevents the use of tools until the system is under full vacuum
An off delay switch keeps the system under full vacuu for a set amount of time to clear the hose of any debris after the tools have stopped
Internal Venturi Filtration with no dry filter
Interlocking air supply which turns the unit on when the tool is in use & Hydrogen relief vent

2 - 1 1/4" to 1" x 25' SC (Static Conductive) Work Hose with Airline, Cuffs and Inlet Adapters
6" Vacuum Ready Orbital Sander w/aluminum only label
8" Vacuum Redy Nud Hog Sander with aluminum only label
Sandpaper Starter Package