EUR POR-PN1-00000Q05 Pneumatic Portable Vacuum

SKU: EUR POR-PN1-00000Q05
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EUR POR-PN1-00000Q05 Pneumatic Portable Vacuum
Weight: 75 lbs

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The Eurovac II Pneumatic Portable is powered by compressed air (used to eliminate the chance of dust or gas explosion caused by a sparking motor) being forced through a venturi to create a powerful vacuum. To meet NFPA codes, the system is grounded and vacuum hoses and cuffs are static conductive.

Includes two 25' x 1 1/4" to 1" light weight anti static vacuum hoses with 1/4" air lines attachd whereby the vacuum hoses and airlines become one unit

Safely collects fine powders, explosive dusts and debris. Can be used in ClassI-Group D and Class II - Groups E, F & G hazardous locations
True cyclonic filtration removes virtually all dust prior to the second cartridge filter. Final polyester cartridge filter is efficient up to 99.93% at 3 micron or larger. HEPA filtration available by adding a chamber between the pump and regular filters. The HEPA filter removes the remaining 99.97% of sanding dust to a minimum of .3 micron particle
Manual flow valve on the air intake ensures the proper amount of airflow and suction for your application
Available with either a 5 or 10 gallon canister (5 gallon required for aluminum)

Ball valve and high flow 1/2" fitting
1.5" inlet valve (2)
1.25" compressed air connection for air tool (2)
Compressed air gauge
Sanding tool holder/hose hanger (2)