DYB 61470 Raptor Pneumatic Vacuum System Wall Mount Style

SKU: DYB 61470
Regular price $1,995.00
DYB 61470 Raptor Pneumatic Vacuum System Wall Mount Style
Weight: 55 lbs

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Dynabrade Raptor Pneumatic Vac System Complete with Hose, Coupler and Wall Mount Kit

Pneumatic Portable Vacuum for use on metallic surfaces such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, commercial alloys. Collects maximum of 5 lbs. of dust. Designed for dry-only source capture, where fine dust must be recovered. Legally certified as explosion-proof and dust ignition-proof. Includes HEPA H14 Filter with 99.995% efficiency on 0.3 micron.

Included: Raptor 61470 w/ One 20' Conductive Coaxial Hoses with Integrated Air Lines - One composite coupler - One vacuum hose swivel - Conductive recovery bag - HEPA H14 Filter - Wall Mounting Hardware
Designed For Use In: Class 1, Division 1, Groups A, B, C, D T6 ClassII, Division 1, Groups e, F and G Hazardous Locations as defined in the National Electric Code (NFPA 70) European Certifications: AREX, Third Party Certified, CE EX II 2 GD c IIC T6 (85 degree C)

Stainless steel recovery tank (SAE 304). Easy recovery bag access. Unit is static-dissipating (kit included) and conductive. Aerosol leak tested for quality assurance. Wall mount Hardware Included.