DTS 0048 Dentstick Estimating Measuring Stick

SKU: DTS 0048
Regular price $39.95
DTS 0048 Dentstick Estimating Stick
Weight: 2.5 lbs

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This product is used across the country and is insurance industry proven. Adjusters are impressed with the clarity and professional quality of photos taken with the DENTSTICK

<ul><li>One piece, lightweight, easy to carry and use</li><li>Magnetic backing to stabilize DENTSTICK against most vehicles, will not mark vehicle surface</li><li>Usable in all weather conditions - including wind</li><li>Can be attached horizontally on side of vehicle to measure scratches and damage on doors, fenders or on any magnetic surface</li><li>comes with plastic protective sleeve</li></ul>

<ul><li>48" long&nbsp; and 2.5" wide</li><li>Yellow squares are 1"</li><li>Yellow bars are 6"</li></ul>