DJS-00115-4 SP Hybrid Vehicle Moving Kit

SKU: DJS-00115-4 SP
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DJS-00115-4 SP Vehicle Moving Kit
Weight: 260 lbs

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Hybrid and full electric vehicles use regenerative braking to help charge the HV batteries through inertia. As the vehicle is coasting or braking, electricity is generated at each wheel, helping to recharge the HV system. Becasue of this, hybrid and EV vehicles shouldn't be moved with their wheels on the ground. As the wheels move, the vehicle will charge the capacitors in the inverter/converter and cause the HV system to be charged, which can cause arc or accidental shock causing damage to those that are or come in contact with the vehicle. Includes: 4 - DJS-00102 Wheel Dolly and 1 - DJS-00115 Mobile Dolly Station (Holds 4 DJS-00102 Wheel Dolly)

Finally a Wheel Dolly that works for every situation Easy to Move Around Your Shop Stand stores all Dolly Components Weight rated at over 4,000 lbs per Dolly and over 8,000 lbs per set

Casters are rated up to 1,000 lbs. each and are 4x stronger than the competition Zerk fittings prolong service life Precision needle bearing axle Patented 6" Polyurethane High-Impact Wheels

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