DEN DF-WB100 Door Protection Welding Covers

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DEN DF-WB100 Door Protection Welding Covers
Weight: 20 lbs

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Shields & Protects the Doors Exterior and Inner Components from Gringing and Welding Debris

The Door Protection Welding Cover Set, are pocketed, leather blankets that easily slide over a wide variety of door shapes to ensure ultimate fitment and protection of trims, glass, and parts of the vehicle while grinding or welding. 

Set of two covers -

Fits Snug on the Door - Contoured pattern & pocket construction ensures full coverage and safety
Heavy Duty Everything - Thick leather, reinforced stitching & tough hanging grommets for durability
Versatile Application - Tall and short doors are no problem, no magnets needed. Steel or Aluminum
Set of Two Covers - Shields both the left and right door or the inside and outside of one door
47.25W x 56.5"L, 1.28mm Thick

Dent Fix