DEN DF-HDS Pkg Scissors Micro Cut and Cable Cutter w/Micro Cut

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DEN DF-HDS Pkg Scissors both versions
Weight: 4 lbs

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Package includes both the DF-HDS1 (Blades with Micro Teeth) and DF-HDSC1 (Cable Cutter w/Micro Teeth)

MICRO TEETH - Grips and precuts the material for a smooth cut
CABLE CUTTER - DF-HDSC1 has a notch in the blade to prevent the cable moving
SAFETY - Ergonomic safety lock can be toggled with a flick of the thumb
NO SLIP GRIP - Grooves in the handle ensure control and safety while cutting
HIGH VIS YELLOW - Easily spot from anywhere in the shop

Length - DF-HDSC1 - 185mm
Length - DF-HDS1 - 200mm

Dent Fix