DEN DF-900DX Aluspot: Aluminum Repair Station

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DEN DF-900DX Aluminum Repair Station - Shipping Included within Continental US
Weight: 225 lbs

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Aluspot Deluxe Aluminum Repair Station is the Dent extraction approved for the F-150, The Dent Fix Aluspot Repair Station has been the number one tool station on the market since 2006.

The DEN DF-900DX Includes:
Inline Pneumatic Paint Remover & Fiber Discs
Stainless-steel Shoe Handle Brush & Tooth Brush
Digital set temperature Heat Gun & Infrared Temperature Gauge
110v Capacitor Discharge Stud Welder (electrostatic type) with a self-contained weld gun with ground
Alu-Magnesium; Alu-Silicon stud pins
3 Drawers
Hand T-Puller, Squieeze Puller Lever Puller, & Bridge Puller
Body File + 350mm Blade, Stud Cutter, & Safety Glasses
Pick/Finishing Hammer, Curved Pein/Finishing Hammer, Reverse-Curve Hammer, 22mm Soft Face Hammer & 35mm Dead Blow Hammer
Bolster-Head Nylon Chisel Round-Head Nylon Chisel, Double-End Dolly, Thin-Toe Dolly, Deel dolly & Curved Dolly
Storage Drawer; Dust Cover

Dent Fix