DEN DF-800BR Hot Stapler Kit

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DEN DF-800BR Hot Stapler Kit
Weight: 8 lbs

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Thermoplastic repair has continued to be a viable repair method for many vehicles. Modern day vehicles still use a lot of thermoplastic and will continue to with the upcoming CAFE regulations. Plastic bumpers can be repaired and in doing so can make the shop a health profit, compared to replaceing the part.

The plastic fill tubes are for finishing purposes. When the staple is applied, there's a small gap where the metal is exposed. The plastic fill rods and finishing iron (a soldering iron with a flat tip) apply melted plastic to the back of the staple, which cools and solidifies. The fill rods process is for cosmetic purposes but also helps to give it added strength. The repair area is sanded and ready to be prepared for coating.

Compact, lightweight and ergonomic; kit includes one 110v Hot Stapler, 350 Staple Clips (seven different shapes), five filler tubes, one finishing iron and one blow-molded case; front-facing LED to illuminate the darkest repair area; made in the USA; five-year warranty.

Dent Fix