DEN DF-600BR LI-ION Battery Hot Stapler

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DEN DF-600BR LI-ION Battery Hot Stapler
Weight: 8 lbs

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Designed to stitch together small to medium breaks in automotive plastic parts such as bumpers, headlamps, or mirror caps

CORDLESS OPERATION - No cord to get in the way while performing a plastic repair
HOT STAPLER TIP - Reinforce plastic repairs with staples. Tip has multiple holes to hold the staples at different angles
SPREAD/PATCH TIP - Install wire mesh over cracks and weld plastic over top
AIRLESS WELDER TIP - Feed plastic rods through the port for effortless welding

High Grade Battery: LITHIUM-ION; 2400mAH
Charge Time: 3-5 hours
Charger: USB Port 5V
Run Time: 35 min. for plastic weld or 150-200 Staples;
Overcharge protection
Cool Down Stand

Dent Fix