DEN DF-595ii The HAMMERHEAD 110V Steel Dent Puller

SKU: DEN DF-595ii
Regular price $1,397.00
Weight: 45 lbs

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This sefficient unit provides the technician with the means to higher productivity and better results. "It's like having sticky fingers and being able to pull the dent with your hand." 

The leverage puller allows for controlled pulls The slide hammer gives you tapping action. Utilize the Wiggle Wire and Bear Claw to safely remove crease damage.

Kit Includes:
Wiggle Wire Tip / Shrink Adaper / 1/2 lb. Wiggle Wire / 4 Finger Claw / Slide Hammer Rod; Weight / Short Pulling Rod / Leverage Puller (DF595iiLP) / Ground Magnet (DF-GM)

110 V
30 AMP Breaker (Required)

Dent Fix