DEN DF-505 110V The Maxi steel dent pulling station

SKU: DEN DF-505 110V
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DEN DF-505 110V The Maxi Steel Dent Pulling Station
Weight: 65 lbs

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This versatile tool witll weld pins, weld a slide hammer directly to the panel, weld a light pulling rod, weld wiggle wire for impressive even crease pulling, weld a rod for leverage pulling, and shrink steel panels.

Shown with optional DF-509 Stand

DF-505 110V includes:
(2) pulling rods, (2) slide hammer rods with a strike weight, shrinking electrode, stud pin electrode, wiggle wire weld tip, nime; four finger bear claw, (50) stud weld pins, 1 LB. of wiggle wire, 21" power cable, and 9' of welding cable

Dent Fix