DEN DF-3 Telescopic Measuring Tram (3 to 10.5 foot)

Regular price $995.00
DEN DF-3 Measuring Tram
Weight: 5 lbs

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Manufactured in Switzerland, this extruded aluminum tram gauge is lightweight yet remains rigid when fully extended. The telescoping design allows for confident one-person operation. Simply extend the tram gauge as much as you need with an instant read out of the measurement through the view window. Standard and metric measurements are read easily through a large display window.

Take point-to-point measurement from 3 to 10 & frac 12; feet (950-3250 mm)
Tape reads in both metric and NCSCI, American National Standard Measuring accuracy is +- 1.0 mm
No sections to add up or put together
This is a solid tram gauge suitable for multi-person shop use.

The DF-3 Tram Gauge includes 2 bullet pointers
2 right angle pointers
2-350 mm pointers
2 cones for zeroing out larger openings
Nylon storage bag for both the tram and the accessory pointers

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