DEF 200B1/PRBFN PosiTector 200 Std Body & Probe with PRBNF Probe

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DEF 200B1/PRBFN PosiTector 200 Std Body & Probe with PRBFN Probe
Weight: 8 lbs

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Special Package of the

DEF 200B1 PosiTector 200 Standard Gage Body and removable PosiTector 200 B Probe for measuring coatings on non-metal substrates like automotive plastic bumpers, facias and coatings on ADAS Systems

DEF PRBFN PosiTector 6000 Probe Only - for use with the Standard 200 Body (above) to change the function to Measuring coatings 0-60 mils on ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as on Steel and Aluminum Panels

The PosiTector 200 B1 features the Standard Gage Body and removeable PosiTector 200 B Probe.
Probe will automatically recognize the new probe and do a self-check at startup
Standard body will save up to 1,000 readings per probe and will connect via USB Cable to download measurements.
Also includes the PosiSpft Suite of Software to create professional reports with pictures, graphs, etc