Cebora CEB 322 Inverter Pulse Aluminum MIG

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CEB 322 Inverter Pulse Aluminum MIG
Weight: 110 lbs

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  • Inverter Pulse Aluminum MIG

Pre-set welding programs for easy set up
Step-less infinite regulation on one single dial
Easy to read LCD display
Weld very thin aluminum with full penetration
Pulse feature vital for automotive aluminum repair
MIG brazing for galvanized steel

220 volt single phase
Amperage output 20-200 amps
Duty cycle 100% at 120 amps, 60% at 140 amps 20% at 200 amps
Symergic programs and pulsed programs are standard
0.6 0.8 0.9 1.0 steel and aluminum
0.8 0.9 Stainless and Silicon Bronze
Max. wire spool size 300mm / 12" / 7 lbs.
Weight 99 lbs.