CEB 321 Single Pulse MIG Welder

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CEB 321 Single Pulse MIG Welder
Weight: 149 lbs

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The Jaguar E200 MD (CEB 321) is a single phase MIG-MAG inverter power source, capable of welding and brazing galvanized sheet metal, high-strength steel and aluminium alloys, standard-equipped with 34 synergic curves in memory.

Thanks to the presence of 2 seperate wire feed motors, which make it possible to use 2 different wire spools, it can therefore keep 2 dillferent types of torch mounted simultaneously with different wires, as well as use special torches of Push-Pull type.

Torches are sold separately

Single phase input - 230 Volt
Fuse rating (slow blow) - 16 A
Min.-Max. current that can be obtained in welding - 20A - 200A
Duty Cycle (10 min. 40 degrees C) 200A - 20%, 140A - 60%, 120A - 100%
Stepless regulation
Max. Wire spool size - 300mm