BYL BL-76RAS Rapid Anchoring System Package

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BYL BL-76RAS Rapid Anchoring System Package
Weight: 425 lbs

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NEW Body Loc Rapid Anchoring System package is FAST and Easy Way to quickly raise a vehicle and anchor it. Use a Service Jack to lift the vehicle into the Roller Plates and then secure the vehicle with the Rapid Anchoring System.

Height Adjustable Locking Collar
Spring Loaded Center Tube
Rolls for Easy Positioning No Lifting
Handle Grip for Easy Adjustment

Consists of:
1) BL-76RAS Rapic Anchoring Clamp (set of 4)
2) BL-60T Tall D-Lux Roller Plates
2) BL-50T Tall Plain Roller Plates
1) BL-75E Socket for Anchoring System
Use 8 BL-71 2-1/2" Anchor Pots to secure System to the Floor - Included in Package

Body Loc