BPP 80018001 BuffPro Professional Detailiers Package

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BPP 80018001 BuffPro Professional Detailers Package
Weight: 23 lbs

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This is a tool that can buff and polish just about any surface in half the time of conventional rotating disk buffers. Our axial cylinder design means that compound stays under the buffing pad, while conventional buffers fling it off to other areas. The larger pad means that you can get better performance at much lower RPMs. Our pads work with the widest range of compounds to cut, polish, buff and finish to the highest shine possible.

BuffPro Axial Polishers and Pads are designed for all-day use by professionals. Dual pistol grip handles, variable speed controls, a durable drive motor and a quick release pad spindle mean you can concentrate on your work not on you tools. And the low RPMs mean that its safe to use for the most novice detailer.

Profesional Detailiers Package Includes:
1 - 10018000 BuffPro Axial Polisher
1 - 70107000 Pad, Polishing White Foam / Black Insert
1 - 70109001 Pad, Finishing White Foam / Red Insert
1 - 70112011 Heavy Cut Wool Pad White Wool / Black Insert
1 - 61202000 BuffPro Amber Medium Correction Compound - 1 pint
1 - 61203000 BuffPro Pearl Plishing Compound - 1 pint
1 - 61204000 BuffPro Luster Finishing Polish - 1 Pint

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