BEC E100M Manual Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner w/Flim

Regular price $3,962.00
BEC E100M Manual Waterborne Spray Gun Cleaner
Weight: 110 lbs

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The E100M is the most "User Friendly" small spray gun cleaner around. The "Open" basin has lots of elbow room and every tool needed to get a spray gun clean......Quickly

A 5 gallon container is included in the base price, as is the 3 container "off-line" Clarification (flocculation) system. Also included is a starter kit containing BECCA Water-Wave additive and Clarifier Packets.

Price Includes Freight

Stainless Steel Basin w/Cover - Oversized work area
Powerpistol - Quick & Powerful Spray Gun Cleaning
Powerclean - Compressed Air Commection Protecting Air Passageways
Pulsating Fluid - Powerful Cleaning Efficiency
Splash Pad - In Basin to Reduce Splash - Self Cleaning
Flow Brush/Spigot - Combined to Serve both Functions
Air Pistol - Quick Drying interior & Exterior Residual Fluid
Foot Pedal - Hands-Free Fluid/Pump Control
Composite QD's - High Flow Corrosion Resistant
Green Powder Coated Finish
5 Gallon Container w/Lid - Fluid Reservoir
Input Air Filter/Regulator
Envire Clarifier w/"Air-Bubbler"
NESHAP Compliant

Overall - 44"H x 26"W x 23"L
Working (Stainless Basin) - 9"D x 21"W x 19"L
Weight 110 lbs