BCC 8000 Nitro Fuzer, Standalone, Single Gas, Analog

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BCC 8000 Nitro Fuzer, Standalone, Single Gas, Analog - Shipping Included within contiguous United States US
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Nitro-Fuzer Standalone, Single Gas, Analog Plastic Welder

Analog Temperature Control
Single gas input
Precision flow valves for air and or nitrogen flow control
Direct-reading precision flow gauge
Quick-change hose and handle assembly
200 watt airless welder element with ceramic core
550 watt air/nitrogen heating element
Easily replaceable heating elements
Panel mounted fuse

Powder-coated, 16-gauge, USA-made steel cabinet
Sturdy cabinet-mounted torch holster
Automatic low-pressure power cut-off protection
Shielded welder holster
Fully-grounded, enclosed welder cabinet