BCC 6204 Hot Spot Plastic Stapler

SKU: BCC 6204
Regular price $195.00
BCC 6204 Hot Spot Plastic Stapler
Weight: 7 lbs

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Reinforcing plastics with the 6204 Hot Spot is quick, strong, and cost effective. The Hot Spot Stapler is perfect for holding broken tabs in position while making weld repairs. 

To operate, simply insert a staple into the brass fcontacts then press the button, While holding the button, press the hot staple into the plastic to reinforce the damaged area. Release the button and gently twist the staple a few degrees. Hold for a few secondds letting the plastic harden, then pull the stapler away, leaving the staple in place. Cut off the exposed wire with diagonal cutters and sand smooth.

LED light for illuminating tight spaces
Simple, one-button operation
DC rechargeable power allows use of up to 250 staples on a single charge
Low battery indicator light
Accommodates all staple sizes
Charger, batteries and storage case included
One year limited warranty