BCC 6080 E-Z Weld 4.0 Welder

SKU: BCC 6080
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BCC 6080 E-Z Weld 4.0 Welder Freight Included within Continental US
Weight: 21 lbs

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The 6080 E-Z Weld 4.0 Plastic Welder combines an advanced, digitally-controlled hot air plastic welder with a traditional airless plastic welder. By combining these welders in one package, it allows you to make quality welds to virtually any automotive plastic. The kit comes with everything you need to become immediately productive, making fast, strong plastic repairs.

Analog flow gauge for repeatable performance every time
Element protection circuitry to help prevent burning out heating elements
Precision regulator for fine welding gas control
Compact, easy to handle welding torch gets into tight spots with minimal user fatigue
Melt-proof silicone; fiberglass braided hot air welder hose
Easy to use, intuitive controls
Integrated airless welder control to allow for repair of thermoset PUR and smoothing of welds
Easily replaceable heating elements
Designed to be used with compressed air
Heavy-duty, made in USA enclosure for maximum durability

120VAC/60HZ - 750 Watts
Shipping Weight: 21 lbs.
E-Z Weld 4.0 Plastic Welder
6124WB; Stainless steel tip cleaning brush
6012-P; Airless welder
6027HT; Tube welding tip
6031; Flat tear drop welding tip
6050-NR1; Standard hot air welding tip
Welding rod accortment
Instructional DVD