BCC 5700HT Mini-Weld Model 7 Airless Plastic Welder

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BCC 5700HT Ceramic Airless Plastic Welder
Weight: 6 lbs

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The model 7 is a highly portable, variable temperature welder that is perfectly suited to the active repair shop environment. The belt clip equipped control unit is no longer tied to the storage cae which increases mobility and makes adjusting the temperatue more convenient. The Model 7 features a custom molded case for storing all the included accessories and welding rod. This is the latest edition of the industry's most popular airless plastic welder.

The 200 watt ceramic heating element provides the fastest warm-up time and maximum reliability over conventional elements.
Repair virtually any type of plastic. Problem plastics like TPO and polypropylene are easy to repair using Fiber Flex universal repair rod
Learn how to repair any type of plastic with the included instructional DVS
The 80 watt heating element provides the optimal balance between fast warn-up times, high welding temperatures and reliability

Electrical 115V60 Hz
Carrying case
Instructional DVD
Instruction Book
Assorted Welding Tips, Mesh, Brush, Sticks and Rods