ATC TXA Z711450 Konfort 750R 134a System

Regular price $5,880.00
Refrigerant Management System
Weight: 260.0 lbs, 31" x 29" x 53" lbs

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Refrigerant Management System for R134a Gas Only.

Automatic compensation for length of recharging lines
Automatic management of non-condensable gasses
Automatic maintenance alarm
Simplified maintenance

R134a Compatible
Full Automatic Functions
Wide Color TFT Display
US Database
Management of DATABASE and Service Records into SD card
50 lb Tank
9 ft Service Hoses
4 CFM Double Stage Vacuum Pump
Charging Accuracy =/- 0.5 oz
High Efficiency Refrigerant Recovery (over 95%
Automatic Oil Injection Scale Controlled
Recovered Oil Scale Controlled
Multi-Language Software