AIM PB1100 Battery Powered Dent Puller "Panel Beater" w/o Battery

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AIM PB 1100 DC Dent Puller
Weight: 135 lbs

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The Panel Beater is the original and only portable battery-powered dent puller used in the automotive repair industry. No more pins, no more mig welding and very little clean-up made the Panel Beater a must for any autobody, hot rod, or restoration shop.

BATTERY NOT INCLUDED: Contact your local automotive battery supplier:

Recommended Battery:
     Group 65-Top Post
     Absorbed Glass Mat/Thin Plate/Virgin Lead
     950 Cold Cranking Amp Rating

Minimum Battery Requirement:
     Group 31 - Top Post
     Maintenance Free
     1000 - 1100 Cold Cranking AMP Rating

FAST - Repair damaged areas in a fraction of the time of traditional methods
SAFE - Unlike AC powered pulers, the Panel Beater is sensitive to the OEM protective coatings
VERSATILE - Stretch or shrink metal
PRECISE - Clean pinpoint repairs
EFFECTIVE - Return on Investment in weeks not years
PORTABLE - Battery powered portability
Standard Equipment Included: Automatic Timer; Dent Puller Bar; Magnetic Ground; Control Handle with Shrink Tip and Electrode Holder; 5 Pack of Dent Pulling Electrodes

Maximum Amperage - Up to 2,000 AMPS Voltage - 14v Max Weld Time Control - Adjustable Automatic Timer
Operating Power Source - DC - Commercial Grade Group 31 Maintence Free Battery Charging System - Integrated 5 amp Charging Unit (110v Source)

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