AIM PB1000 Panel Beater Battery Powered Dent Puller


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AIM PB 1000 Panel Beater Dent Puller
Weight: 200 lbs

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The Panel Beater is a portable battery-powered dent puller used in the automotive repair industry. No more pins no more mig welding and very little clean-up the PB1000 Panel Beater is a must for any qutobody shop.

Factory Equipped with AGM Battery for longer life, quicker charging and better performance

Capable of 2000 AMP output, equipped with internal charging unit

AGM Battery has 2 year battery manufactures warranty

Cuts time for crucial repairs while increasing profit margins

Simple to use Stick, Pull, Twist"

Standard Equipment included: Automatic Timer; Dent Puller Bar; Magnetic Ground; Control Handle with Shrink Tip and Electrode Holder; 5 Pack of Dent Pulling Electrodes; Battery Included

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